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Mollie Ruskin,
Washington DC

Noah Manger,
Portland OR

Bryan Chiêm,

The Ally Coalition


The Ally Coalition

Recruiting fans at FUN. concerts for the cause of equality – with The Ally Coalition.

Created a custom iPad app built to go on tour with the band FUN. At every stop, volunteers set up and man the equality village. When fans visit – they get their photo taken with a sign describing why they’re supporting equality. Their name, email, zip code, and twitter handle are collected by in the app and linked to the photo. Finally, the app gives them a quick peek at their legislators and the message they’ll be sending to them.

After the show – the photos are synced to the Ally Coalition’s facebook account, the emails are saved to their CRM, and automatic replies are sent out urging fan to contact their legislators personally and to find their photos on facebook. Tweets are also sent to their elected officials from The Ally Coalition’s twitter account  – with the photo and mentioning the fan if they provided their twitter information.

A designed web version of the form also exists, allowing users to sign up and take action online from The Ally Coalition’s website. Also provides an analytics back-end for The Ally Coalition to login and photos and signups.

The iPad app was built as a native app and is written in Objective C, the server which facilitates syncing, is built on Rails and uses Amazon S3 storage and upload, with hosting from Heroku. Congressional lookup information is provided by Open Congress API and the Google Maps API. All tweets are marked with #SoundOff, allowing for tweet aggregation by #SoundOff.

>> Check out the web version

>> See The Ally Coalition’s campaign on #SoundOff

>> Designed by Noah Manger, tested in the field by Mike White and Jeb Gutelius of The Ally Coalition


#SoundOff @ Congress


#SoundOff @ Congress

Making it easy to tweet at elected officials, developed for

#SoundOff is set up to allow users to browse campaigns created by partner organizations. When they’re inspired by a campaign, #SoundOff makes it easy to look up their elected officials using their zip code, and then tweet @ them with the campaign’s hashtag. Tweets and responses are collected by #SoundOff to track the campaign’s success.

Fully optimized for mobile and tablets – will utilize the official Twitter App if already installed on the device. Also includes an embeddable widget to allow partners to showcase their campaigns on their site and allow visitors to take action.

Built with Ruby on Rails and Angular JS – #SoundOff utilizes the Open Congress API and the Google Maps API to match users with their congresspeople. Tweets are aggregated using Twitter’s Streaming API. Stylesheets were written in SASS with HAML templating.

 >> See it in action at

>> Check out the project on GitHub

>> Designed by Bryan Chiêm, and tested with Angela Linneman, Andy Bernstein, and Laurie Lenninger of





Data-driven designs and easy testing tools to drive more sharing from your online community, and more clicks from their friends.

ShareProgress is a progressive startup that helps groups maximise their social sharing. We do this by optimizing our Share Page’s and buttons design and by providing users with tools to A/B test their social sharing messaging – letting them track their experiments in real-time.

Built and prototyped during a six month incubation at Credo Mobile – ShareProgress is growing steadily and is on track to serve over 3 million page views and 200,000 shares to our client’s visitors; which include the Sierra Club, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and others. Includes a RESTful API that allows clients to manage page creation, management, and analytics.

Built in Ruby as a two part system that share a single database: the content delivery system is powered by Sinatra with backup from Cloudflare while Rails powers the client-management side. Additionally Stripe is used to manage client payment. Integrated testing is done with Capybara-Webkit and RSPEC on both the Sinatra and Rails system. Stylesheets are written in SASS with HAML templating and the many servers are hosted on Heroku.

>> Learn more about ShareProgress

>> Start a no-risk free one month trial

>> Check out the ShareProgress blog

>> Continued to be built with Jim Pugh and Kim Muñoz of ShareProgress


Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy


Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy

A connected and modern site – where everything talks to each other, with Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy

We overhauled CASE’s website and built a friendly theme that was easy to update and maintain. Also integrated the site with SalsaLabs – showing coming events on the site and on the site’s calendar and pushing all signups into Salsa.

CASE’s site is a custom WordPress theme that makes use of SalsaPress and the extended SalsaPress calendar.

>> Check out the new

>> Designed and mostly built by Noah Manger with Daria Ovide of CASE


Bus Federation Annual Report


Bus Federation Annual Report

A kick-ass annual report for a kick-ass organization, with the Bus Federation Civic Fund

The Bus Federation had an insane year in 2012: They pioneered two brand-new programs ( and National Voter Registration Day), while launching an organization in two more states (Idaho and Illinois), and while still doing all of their other national programs. And this doesn’t even count the work that was being done across the states.

They needed a web and print version to showcase their achievements for funders, volunteers, and staff that are scattered across the country. Working in conjunction with Reboot, I built out a long site which laid out the entire story of the Bus Federation’s 2012 cycle – using sliders and tabs to compress 30+ pages of content into a single scrollable site.

The site utilized the SCRN theme with a custom plugin to hijack the styling function – with stylesheets originally being written in LESS.

>> Check out the Report

>> Designed by Mollie Ruskin who at the time worked at Reboot and Matt Singer and Henry Kraemer of the Bus Federation &

close &

A 100% social voter guide built with League of Young Voters, New Era Colorado, Forward Montana, and the Bus Project.

The Ballot is a crowd-sourced social voter guide that provided 50 state coverage for the 2012 election  – down the State legislative level – allowing voters to look up what was on their ballot by using just their address. Kind of like Yelp, but for Democracy, The Ballot was built to deliver localized information that was filled with local-reviews and insights.

Users could log in using Facebook, create and customize their own voter guides, and share their endorsements and views. They could also add any missing candidates or ballot measures. Fully optimized for mobile and tablets – so you could use it at home or in the polling booth. Also included a C3 (no endorsement) version called November 6th.

After launching in early September – both sites were visited by 145,000 unique visitors before election day, including nearly 50,000 on election  day, and had over 2,000 registered users. It was even tweeted by Snoop Dogg Lion.

Built with Ruby on Rails and Knockout JS – the site used the Google Maps API and Cicero to find visitors electoral districts and then match them to candidate data provided by the Voter Information Project. Stylesheets were written in LESS and the site continues to be hosted on Heroku.

>> See it in action at

>> Check out the project on GitHub

>> November6th is also still active

>> Desktop version and logo designed by Noah Manger, with mobile design by Toby Keller  of Turing, along with Sam Patton and Sarah Stern of The League of Young Voters, and Matt Singer and Jonathan Paik of The Bus Federation


Just Vote Colorado


Just Vote Colorado

A one-stop-shop for Colorado’s voters – helping them find their registration status, early vote location, polling place & election center location, ballot drop locations – AND what’s on their ballot, with Common Cause Colorado.

Created a nonpartisan voter information clearing house for the Colorado C3 state table – included ability for voters to check their voter registration state, find where and how they could vote (which varies in Colorado from county to county), and find what was on their ballot. Most of this information was also available in Spanish on the site.  Over 72,000 Coloradans used the site over the course of the election cycle.

The site utilized the Target Smart API along with Google Maps to find their location and information in the voter file, and was built on TextPattern and Knockout JS.

>> See the current version of the site.

>> Designed by Todd Violano of Abstract Symmetry, hosting and TextPattern set up by Alan Franklin of Progress Now, with Katie Flemming of Common Cause Colorado and Ira Bunch of America Votes


Alberta Eye Care


Alberta Eye Care

A site worthy of Portland’s iconic Alberta Arts District, with Alberta Eye Care

Our friends at Alberta Eye Care were launching a small business in one of Portland’s best known neighborhood and wanted a site that matched the look and feel of their new artistic home.

We helped design a new logo and an interactive and photo-heavy site, that showcased their beautiful products, customers, and neighborhood.

The site is a custom WordPress theme with a custom plugin to handle the background transitions.

>> Check out Alberta Eye Care

>> Designed by Mollie Ruskin with most theme construction done by Noah Manger , alongside James and Laura Armstrong of Alberta Eye Care

Young Invincibles


Young Invincibles

Creating a web presence for the premier voice for young people oriented policy, with Young Invincibles.

Young Invincibles is a rapidly growing policy organization focused on affordable health care, student debt, and job creation for young people.

Helped them build out several campaign web sites and a full redesign of their main site. On their main site we rehauled the look and feel and organized their many content streams – from news to publications to press releases, in an easy to browse source.

Young Invincibles has also launched many interactive infographics and campaigns such as  Campaign for Young America, Your Debt in Perspective, and It’s Always Sunny in Young America Generational Infographic. Tying all of these properties together with the YI brand and network is the YI Bar: A menu bar which can be managed from their main WordPress site – providing consistent branding and navigation throughout their many projects. is built in WordPress and utalizes the SalsaPress plugin, the infographics are each built as standalone HTML5 web apps, with a little server-side PHP code backing them up.

>> Check out

>> Check out It’s Always Sunny in Young America interactive infographic

>> Check out Your Debt in Perspective interactive infographic

>> All sites were designed by Noah Manger, who also built many of them, working with Adrienne Sheers and Aaron Smith of The Young Invincibles


Jefferson Smith for Mayor


Jefferson Smith for Mayor

An Innovative Campaign to Move Portland Forward, Together – with Jefferson Smith for Mayor

When State Representative Jefferson Smith launched his campaign for Portland Mayor – he entered a field crowded field of nineteen candidates (some serious, some not) and needed to differentiate himself from the two front runners. To do this, we designed and launched a one page website in under a week that highlighted Jefferson’s six policy focuses – and asked voters for feedback. “Wowza he has a fancy website” wrote the Portland Mercury.

After Jefferson rose from third place to take a commanding second in the may Primary Election – we revamped the site with a greater focus around volunteer and supporter  management – letting campaign staff post events, photos, and videos from the campaign trail.

Both versions of the site were built in WordPress and used the WordPress plugin Better Google Forms to collect supporter signups. The second version of the site integrated with Google Calendar using All in One Event Calendar.

>> Designed by Mollie Ruskin, first version of the site created in collaboration with Lucy Palmershine, Stacy Dycus, and Rich Rogers, and the second version of the site was created with with Lucy Palmershine, Henry Kraemer, Rachel Richardson, and Amanda Caffall.



Shemia Fagan for State Representative


Shemia Fagan for State Representative

From Eastern Oregon to School Board to State Representative – building a site worthy of East Portland’s astounding Shemia Fagan, with Shemia Fagan

Shemia Fagan gets it – growing up poor in Eastern Oregon with a single Dad, she worked her butt off to become an Oregon State Chess Champion and (much later) a successful lawyer in East Portland. She recognized how much of her success was because of her local community and wanted to give something back – running for School Board and then State Representative a few years later.

We wanted to build a website worthy of Shemia, that showcased her youth, intelligence, and badassery (she rides a Harley). In her run for State Representative, the site was set up to receive feedback on her policy proposals from her constituents.

The site was built in WordPress as a Custom Theme.

>> Learn more about Shemia Fagan

>> Site designed by Mollie Ruskin





When It’s Too late for Vote-by-Mail, with the Oregon Bus Foundation

Oregonian’s are given three weeks to vote from the comfort of their own home, all they need is a stamp and a free afternoon and their civic participation is assured… but sometimes people procrastinate. And that’s why there’s Ballot Drop sites scattered throughout Oregon.

Unfortunately Ballot Drop boxes are sometimes not where you’d expect it – and the Secretary of State’s official lookup used Flash, which made it inaccessible on phones. There also wasn’t anyway to look up ballot drop sites by zip code or county, helpful tools if you were trying to educate voters over the phone or email and didn’t have all of their voting information handy.

Enter, an easy, linkable, html5 webapp that uses Google Maps API and Oregon’s Open Dataset to create an easy to use site for voters. Includes a mobile version which uses modern web browser geolocation to the voters location and the nearest ballot drop spot.

>> Check out BallotDrop

>> See BallotDrop on Github

>> Designed and built collaboratively with Jeremy Sher



BusPress & SalsaPress


BusPress & SalsaPress

Customizable WordPress Theme That Makes Organizing Easy – Open Sourced for the Community, with The Oregon Bus Project

The Oregon Bus Project needed a new website – their old one just wasn’t cutting it. But it couldn’t just be a design refresh, a lot had changed in last few years of the organizations. Instead of using five databases to manage donor, volunteer, and event data – they now used one: SalsaLabs. And they couldn’t just build one website – because the organization had expanded and grown: into new states, new programs, and new tax entities.

So BusPress was born: A customizable WordPress theme that allows any Bus anywhere in the country (Montana, Colorado, Illinois, even Nigeria) to create a youthful, flexible, and fun website in the theme of the Bus. No special HTML skills needed, just a browser, logo, and color scheme. And these sites wouldn’t just look great – they would work with the Bus Federation’s database (only requiring a password) and would allow direct signup of volunteers and cross posting of events.

It didn’t stop there – we released SalsaPress, a plugin version of the features that powered the Bus’s fleet of website. Now available, for free, to any Salsa customer anywhere in the world (which has been downloaded over 900 times of the last few years). An addon version was released a few months later to provide

BusPress and SalsaPress were both built in WordPress and PHP and integrated deeply with SalsaLab’s API

>> See every BusPress site in existence: Bus Project, Bus Foundation, Bus Federation, Bus Federation Civic Fund, Chicago Votes, Forward Montana, Forward Montana Education Fund, New Era Colorado, Naymote, PolitiCorps

>> Check out SalsaPress on Github or WordPress

>> Original BusPress theme design by Shannon Wilson